Severine works as a creative consultant/producer in the film and Television industries. Following work on feature films, documentaries and TV drama, she has run two production companies Severe Pictures and Notorious Films which primarily dealt with the Advertising and Music Industries. More recently, she has worked as Executive Producer coordinating the French and Italian versions of The Sexiest for E! Entertainment Channel alongside producing two anti-knife crime films through 37Degrees Ltd. She has pursued and continues to pursue her interest in working on projects that reflect the UK’s as well as Europe's diverse cultures and has done substantial work developing feature projects within both. 'Bullies' Kole Onile-ere, Michael Karim, Ali Khalil, Faraz Ayab, Craig Dowding, Beau Baptist, Kelsey Hardwick, Kelsey Gallagher, Aki Ansari -  'Blame' Kole Onile-ere, Todd Carty, Ralph Laurila, Cassie Cassidy, Adrian Black, Jimmy Clark, Adrian Black, Joel Stephenson - Louis Mellis - Marcus Warren - Jake West - Treva Etienne - E! 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